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We Have Everything You Need To Make Your Aritfical Grass Look And Feel Like Real Grass. 

Camofill is a new infill designed for todays multicolor thatch. Made with a specially sourced blend of multiple colors for a realistic natural look. Camofill has several different earth tone colors to make it truly unique. It is safe for pets and Non-Toxic. Camofill is a sub-rounded whole grain sand. Camofills round shape makes the sand drain better than ordinary silica and will not damage your turf blades. Available in a multi-purpose 16/30 size to fill all your turf infill needs.

Camofill 50lb Bag

Sku: 090726    

Wonderfill is a premium green coated round sand for artificial turf or grass infill. The high-quality coating and color, also has an anti-microbial added to help make it mold or mildew resistant. Wonderfill round coated sand is available in green or green and black mixed color. Wonderfill has a round shape to help improve drainage and makes the sand mound resistant. This coated artificial turf infill is available is several sizes to make it perfect for any kind of grass install. Whether you want to infill low pile putting green or high pile turf, Wonderfill has the infill sand for you.

Wonderfill 50lb Bag

Sku: 090702 12/20 Green Range: .8mm – 1.7mm

Sku: 090704 16/30 Green  Range: .6mm – 1.2mm

Sku: 090708 16/30 Green/Black Range: .6mm – 1.2mm

Sku: 090710 30/50 Green/Black Size

Sku: 090715 30/50 Green

Triple Z turf infill is a natural porous product that absorbs toxins and neutralizes odors. It leaves your turf smelling fresh for longer. Triple Z is non-toxic and is safe for pets, families, plants, and the environment. Triple Z can be mixed in with other infill brands to achieve the desired results in your artificial turf project.

Triple Z 50lb Bag 

Sku: 090882

Flat Top

These innovative staples boast a flat, wide top that securely anchors landscape fabrics, netting, and more. Ensuring they stay in place even in the face of wind, rain, and relentless garden growth. No more frustrating readjustments or unsightly shifts with Flat Top Landscaping Staples, your garden stays impeccably tidy and beautifully landscaped.

1000 pc Box

Sku: 021222    (1″ x 6″ 11 Ga. Staple) 

Galvanized Staples

Crafted from high-quality galvanized steel, these staples are built to withstand the harshest elements, ensuring they remain rust-free and reliable season after season. Their flat, wide tops provide a secure anchor for landscape fabrics, netting, and more, keeping them firmly in place against wind, rain, and the relentless growth of your garden.

1000 pc Box

Sku: 021223    (1″ x 6″ 11 Ga. Flattop Staple) 

U Shape Staples

The unique U-shaped design provides a secure grip on landscape fabrics, netting, and more, guaranteeing they stay firmly in place against wind, rain, and the relentless growth of your garden. No more frustrating readjustments or unsightly shifts – U-Shaped Galvanized Flat Top Landscaping Staples are the answer to a garden that stays immaculately tidy and beautifully landscaped.

1000 pc Box

Sku: 021228    (1″ x 6″ 11 Ga. Staple)

Heavy Duty

Featuring a robust design, these staples provide an iron-clad grip on landscape fabrics, netting, and more. Guaranteeing they stay steadfast in the face of wind, rain, and the relentless growth of your garden. No more frustrating readjustments or unsightly shifts. Heavy-Duty Flat Top Landscaping Staples are the key to a garden that stays impeccably neat and exquisitely landscaped.

1000 pc Box

Sku: 021224    (1″x 5″ 9 Ga. Staple)  

Bender Board

Bender board is a flexible, and durable material used to create clean lines and borders in landscaping projects. Made from materials like plastic or composite. It’s designed to easily bend and conform to curves and contours, allowing for versatile and attractive edging around flower beds, pathways, and other landscaping features. Its weather-resistant properties ensure longevity, making bender board a popular choice for both residential and commercial landscaping projects.

Teak Color

Sku: 030300  (1″x4″ x 20’) 24 Bundle/Pallet 

Black Color

Sku: 030310  (1″x4″ x 19’6″) 24 Bundle/Pallet


Plastic landscaping stakes are versatile and lightweight. Constructed from durable, weather-resistant plastics. They are an excellent alternative to traditional wooden or metal stakes. These stakes are commonly used for securing landscape fabrics, netting, edging, and other materials in gardening and landscaping applications. Their flexibility and resilience make them easy to install and ideal for use in a wide range of soil conditions. 

Teak Color

Sku: 030330    (1″x 2″x 12″) 100/Box

Black Color

Sku: 030340    (1″x 2″x 12″) 100/Box

Bender Board Kit
Bender board kit with stakes

The bender board and plastic stake set is a comprehensive landscaping solution designed to create clean, defined borders in your outdoor space. The bender board, typically made of durable, weather-resistant materials like plastic or composite, provides a flexible and customizable edge for flower beds, pathways, and other landscaping features. Its ability to curve and shape allows for versatile and attractive designs

Teak Color

Sku: 030315    (1/3 x 3.3″ x 16′) Board & 4 stakes

Black Color

Sku: 030317    (1/3 x 3.3″ x 16′) Board & 4 stakes


This self-adhering 40 mil bitumen roll makes installation fast and easy. Available in several widths. Each roll is 75ft long. 225 sqft per case

Tamko Moisture Wrap

Sku: 020653    (6” X 75’ Roll) 6 Rolls/Case

Sku: 020654    (9” X 75’ Roll) 4 Rolls/Case

Sku: 020655    (12” X 75’ Roll) 3 Rolls/Case

Gopher Wire

Hardware cloth can help keep gophers from digging up through the grass. Install the hardware cloth in the middle of the base fill, when installing artificial turf. 

Hardware Cloth / Gopher Wire

Sku: 071212    (1/4″, 23 Gauge) Size: 36″ x 100′

Sku: 071236    (1/2″, 19 Gauge) Size: 36″ x 100′

Sku:071215    (1/4″, 23 Gauge) Size: 48″ x 100′

Sku: 071239    (1/2″, 19 Gauge) Size: 48″ x 100′

Sku: 071242    (1/2″, 19 Gauge) Size: 72″ x 100′

Nails for securing landscaping and construction projects. We have a wide assortment for your turf installation needs.

50lb box of Nails

Sku: 061502    (16d Brite Common 3.5″)

Sku: 061508    (40d Brite Common 5″)

Sku: 061510    (60d Brite Common 6″)

Sku: 061504    (20d Brite Common 4″)

Sku: 062250    (7/16 Head EG Roof Nail 6″)

Sku: 062290    (16d Finishing Nail 3.5″)

Sku: 062302    (30d Pole Barn Ring Shank 4.5″)

Sku: 062310    (60d Timber Tie 6″) 30lb Bucket

8 Year Weed Barrier

This weed barrier is a durable, long lasting landscaping fabric designed to suppress weed growth for an extended period of time. Made from high quality materials, this barrier is engineered to withstand the elements and provide reliable weed control for up to eight years. Its heavy duty construction and UV-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for landscaping projects.

8 Year Weed Barrier

Sku: 021055    (3’x50′ Roll) 36 Rolls/Case

Sku: 021065    (6’x300′ Roll) 1 Roll

15 Year Weed barrier

This weed barrier represents the pinnacle of long-term weed control in landscaping. This barrier is engineered to deliver uninterrupted weed suppression for up to fifteen years. Its robust construction and advanced UV-resistant technology makes it the perfect choice for enduring landscaping projects, including perennial flower beds, tree and shrub installations, or decorative mulch.

15 Year Weed Barrier

Sku: 021060    (3’x50′ Roll) 24 Rolls/Case

Sku: 021070    (6’x300′ Roll) 1 Roll

20 year Weed Barrier

This weed barrier sets the standard for unparalleled, long-term weed control in landscaping. Meticulously crafted from top-of the line materials, This barrier is engineered to deliver continuous, Its sturdy spun bond construction make it the ultimate choice for enduring landscaping projects. This tear and puncture resistant fabric has UV coating to extend its use.

20 Year Weed Barrier

Sku: 021031    (3’x50′ Roll) 38 Rolls/Case

Sku: 021033    (4’x100′ Roll) 1 Roll

Sku: 021034    (4’x300′ Roll) 1 Roll

Sku: 021035    (6’x300′ Roll) 1 Roll

Upside Down Spray Paint

With a user-friendly design and ergonomic nozzle, even spray has never been easier. Engineered for optimal upside-down placement, they ensure every surface gets the attention it deserves. Boost your productivity and elevate your results with these high-quality cans. Great for spraying construction sites or street marking for utilities.

Upside Down Spray Paint

Sku: 671282    (17 Oz. Neon Green) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671284    (17 Oz. Neon Pink) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671286    (17 Oz. Neon Orange) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671288    (17 Oz. APWA Blue) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671290    (17 Oz. APWA Green) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671292    (17 Oz. APWA Yellow) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671294    (17 Oz. APWA White) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671296    (17 Oz. Clear) 12 Cans/Case

Black and yellow Wildcat wheelbarrows

Wildcat Wheelbarrows are your best friend on any job site. With sturdy construction and large capacity, they make hauling materials a breeze. The pneumatic tires provide stability and maneuverability, even on uneven surfaces. Whether you’re moving dirt, concrete, or tools, Wildcat Wheelbarrows are up to the task. Trust in their durability and efficiency to keep your projects running smoothly.

Steel Handle 6Cu. Capacity

Sku: 670154    Yellow Flat Free Tire

Sku: 670150    Black Pneumatic Tire

Replacement Tires
Black and yellow wheelbarrow tires

 Our high-quality replacement tires are engineered for rugged performance. We offer FLAT FREE and PNUEMATIC.

Flat-Free Replacement Tire

Sku: 670180    Yellow Flat Free Tire

Sku: 670184    Black Pneumatic Tire

Brass And Pistol Nozzles
two hose sprayers and o rings

Contractor Grade Pistol and  4″ brass pistol watering hose nozzles combines durability and precision.

Water Hose Accessories 

Sku: 674220  (Pistol Grip Water Nozzle)

Sku: 674226 (4” Brass Water Nozzle)

Sku: 674266    (0.25” × 2.75” × 5” Washer)

Contractor Grade Hose

A contractor-grade watering hose is a heavy-duty, professional-quality hose designed for rugged use in demanding environments. Constructed from durable materials like reinforced rubber or vinyl, These hoses are engineered to withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, and high water pressures commonly encountered on construction sites, industrial settings, and large-scale landscaping projects.

Red Contractor Hoses

Sku: 674230    (50’ x 1/2” Hose)

Sku: 674232    (75’ x 1/2” Hose)

Sku: 674234    (100’ x 1/2” Hose)

Sku: 674236    (50’ x 5/8” Hose)

Sku: 674238    (75’ x 5/8” Hose)

Sku: 674240    (100’ x 5/8” Hose)

Sku: 674242    (50’ x 3/4” Hose)

Sku: 674246    (100’ x 3/4” Hose)

Contractor Grade
Male Swivel Hose
Blue Swivel Garden hose

A male swivel hose connector is a versatile and essential component for your watering system. Designed with a threaded end that allows it to be easily attached to hoses, sprinklers, or other watering accessories, The swivel feature provides extra flexibility in hose positioning. This allows for smoother maneuvering and reduces strain on the hose, especially when making tight turns or navigating around obstacles.

Blue Male Swivel Hose

Sku: 674258    (50’ x 5/8” Blue Hose)

Sku: 674260    (100’ x 5/8” Blue Hose)

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