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Reinforcing Steel, Wire Mesh And Tie Wire

Western States Wholesale is the premier distributor on the west coast for reinforcing steel, mesh, tie wire, or any other rebar placing need. We are the manufacturer or work with the manufacturer to bring the best value in steel placing and reinforcing products. 

We have partnered with Arizona Wire Products, Rapid Crete, Channellock, Inland Concrete Products, and Seymour paint just to name a few.  Please check out our selection of products for forming, flatwork concrete, gunite reinforcing, V-ditch reinforcing, precasting, commercial or residential, it’s all here.

Western States Wholesale offers competitive pricing, delivery, credit terms, and has one of the best selections and largest inventories of items in stock.  Find out why so many customers trust us and rely on Western States Wholesale for their steel placing needs.

Reinforcement Mesh And Rebar Placing

Wire Mesh Sheets

6X6 #10 #10 is a designated mesh size. The “6×6” is the horizontal and vertical spacing in inches. The “#10 #10” is the gauge of wire. Wire size is sometimes given in hundredths of a square inch. What is called 6×6 #10 #10 is also known as 6×6 w1.4 W1.4. The “W” stands for wire. In our catalog we refer to #10 gauge mesh as light and #6 gauge mesh as heavy for easy reference.

Sku: 070709 

(6” x 6” #10 #10 Mini Mat/ Mesh)  (4’ x 7’) 200 Pcs. /Bndl.

 Sku: 070715 

(6” x 6” #10 #10 Light Mesh)  (7’ x 20’) 100 Pcs. /Bndl.

 Sku: 070745 

(6” x 6” #6 #6 Heavy Mesh)  (7’ x 20’) 50 Pcs. /Bndl.

 Sku: 070712 

(Consumer Mesh Panel)  (42″ x 84″) 25 Pcs. /Bndl.

Wire Mesh Rolls

6X6 #10 #10 is a designated mesh size. The “6×6” is the horizontal and vertical spacing in inches. The “#10 #10” is the gauge of wire. Wire size is sometimes given in hundredths of a square inch. What is called 6×6 #10 #10 is also known as 6×6 w1.4 W1.4. The “W” stands for wire. In our catalog we refer to #10 gauge mesh as light and #6 gauge mesh as heavy for easy reference.

Sku: 070727 

(6” x 6” #10 #10 Light Mesh) (7’ x 200’) 9 Rolls/Pallet

Sku: 070733 

(6” x 6” #10 #10 Light Mesh) (5’ x 150’) 9 Rolls/Pallet

Sku: 070739 

(6” x 6” #10 #10 Light Mesh) (5’ x 50’) 27 Rolls/Pallet

Reinforcing Rebar

Rebar, short for reinforcing bar, is a crucial construction material. Made of steel, it’s ribbed to provide enhanced adhesion with concrete. Used in concrete structures, rebar reinforces and strengthens them, particularly in areas subject to high stress or tension. Our 40 grade rebar is easy to bend while our 60 grade has higher tensile strength.

Sku: 050212    

(#3 Rebar 40 Grade 20′)  Apprx 266 pc per bundle

Sku: 050218    

(#3 Rebar 60 Grade 20′) Apprx 266 pc per bundle

Sku: 050224    

(#4 Rebar 40 Grade 20′) Apprx 152 pc per bundle

Sku: 050236    

(#4 Rebar 60 Grade 20′) Apprx 152 pc per bundle

Sku: 050248    

(#5 Rebar 40 Grade 20′) Apprx 96 pc per bundle

Sku: 050260    

(#5 Rebar 60 Grade 20′) Apprx 96 pc per bundle

Steel Tie Wire And Bundling Wires

Tie Wire

Tie wire is primarily used for binding or tying together objects. It is commonly used in construction, particularly for securing rebar in concrete structures. It’s also utilized in various other applications where items need to be fastened together.

48 cases/pallet

Sku: 070839    (15 Ga Tie Wire) 20 Rolls/Case

Sku: 070837    (16 Ga Tie Wire) 20 Rolls/Case

Sku: 070842    (16.5 Ga Tie Wire) 20 Rolls/Case


Bundling Wire, is a type of steel wire subjected to annealing for enhanced flexibility. Widely employed for bundling items like rebar, it finds applications in construction, particularly for Bundling rebar. Known for its malleability and cost-effectiveness. Our wire is preferred by the Rebar/Reinforcement industry and is imported with a 30in diameter.

100 Lb. Coil

Sku: 070860   (6 Ga.)

Sku: 070863     (9 Ga.)

Sku: 070866     (12 Ga.)

Loop Ties (Bar Ties)

Loop ties or bar ties are essential fastening components used in construction, particularly in reinforcing concrete structures. They are made of wire and are bent into a loop at both ends, allowing them to be easily secured around rebar or other structural elements. Loop ties serve to hold together the reinforcing bars in position before concrete is poured. This helps maintain the proper spacing and alignment of the bars, ensuring the structural integrity and strength of the finished concrete.

Bar Ties/ Loop Ties 16 ga

Sku: 070847   (4” Bar Ties) 5/1000-Pc Bundles

Sku: 070846   (5” Bar Ties) 5/1000-Pc Bundles

Sku: 070848   (6” Bar Ties) 5/1000-Pc Bundles

Sku: 070849   (8” Bar Ties) 5/1000-Pc Bundles

Concrete Rebar Dobies And Reinforcing Chairs

Dobies With Wire

Dobies are used to hold reinforcing steel or rebar when you are pouring concrete. Our dobies are made using a 4000 psi concrete mix. Dobies with wire in them will have a lower psi due to the voids that are created when the wire is inserted. The embedded wire can be twisted to hold rebar in place.

Sku: 041100    (2” x 1” x 2”) (8640) 3150 Lbs. BAGGED

Sku: 041102    (2” x 1.5” x 2”) (5760*) 3050 Lbs. BAGGED

Sku: 041106    (2” x 2” x 2”) (4800*) 3350 Lbs. BAGGED

Sku: 041112    (3” x 2” x 3”) (2112) 3500 Lbs.

Sku: 041115    (3” x 3” x 3”) (1536) 3425 Lbs.

Flat Top Dobie

Flattop dobies are small, block-like supports used in construction to maintain the proper spacing and elevation of reinforcing steel (rebar) within a concrete slab or structure. Made of concrete they come in various sizes and shapes. The term “flattop” refers to the flat upper surface of the dobie, which provides a stable platform for the rebar to rest on. This helps ensure that the rebar remains at the correct height and position within the concrete.

Sku: 041110    (3” x 2” x 3”) Pool (2112) 3250 Lbs.

Sku: 041111    (3” x 3” x 3”) Cube (1536) 3250 Lbs.

Combo/Dowel Dobies

Combo dobies combine features of both flattop and V-Groove dobies. They have a flat surface on one end and a V-Groove or channel on the other end. This dual design allows for versatility in rebar placement. The flat end provides stability and support, while the V-Groove end can secure rebar in a more specialized manner. Combo dobies are used in situations where a combination of vertical and Horizontal support is needed.

Dowel Dobies are specialized concrete supports used in construction to precisely position and secure dowel bars within a concrete structure. Dowel bars are typically long, cylindrical steel rods that are used to transfer loads and provide continuity between separate concrete sections, such as joints in a pavement or a slab. Dowel Dobies are designed with notches or channels that securely hold dowel bars in place. This ensures that the dowels remain at the correct elevation and alignment within the concrete.

Combo Dobies

Sku: 041118   (3” x 2” x 3”) V-Groove (1540) 2700 Lbs.

Sku: 041123    (1.5” x 2”) Small Combo (4800) 3700 Lbs.

Sku: 041125    (2.5” x 3” x 3.5” x 4” ) Large Combo (1344)

Dowel Dobie

Sku: 041122    (3” x 3.5” x 4”) Small (1280) 3700 Lbs.

Sku: 041124    (3”x 4” x 5”) Large (756) 3600 Lbs.

Poly, Expansion Joint And Forming

Saturated Expansion Joint is composed of a blend of asphalts and mineral fillers formed under heat and pressure between two asphalt-saturated liners. It is waterproof, permanent, flexible, and self-sealing. It can be used in 80% of all control joint applications. It is ideally suited for joints in sidewalks, driveways, streets, and single- and multi-level floor slabs.

A non-saturated expansion joint is one that has not been asphalt impregnated. Non-saturation is typically desired in expansion joints to effectively accommodate structural movement over time. 

Saturated Expansion Joint 10 Pc/Bndl

Sku: 100369    (1/2” x 3”) 128 Bndl./Pall.

Sku: 100375    (1/2” x 3 1/2”) 112 Bndl./Pall.

Sku: 100381    (1/2” x 4”) 96 Bndl./Pall.

Sku: 100387    (1/2” x 6”) 64 Bndl./Pall.


NON Saturated Expansion Joint 10 Pcs/Bndl

Sku: 100367    (1/2” x 3” x 10′) 128 Bndl./Pall.


Homex 300 Strip

The only “green” expansion joint , made from recycled, environmentally friendly Homasote®. 

• No Bleeding or Leaching into Concrete.

• Compatible With Sealants

•Flexible in all Temperatures

• Rigid Enough to Screed Off

• Blends with Colored Concrete

• Perfect for pool installations and tile setting

Home expansion Joint 

Sku: 100391   Sold by Pallet Only 840 Pcs Per Pallet

Foam Expansion Joint

A foam expansion joint, also known as a foam joint filler, is a compressible material used in construction to create a gap or separation between concrete slabs, walls, or other structural elements. Made of foam materials. It serves as a cushion to absorb movement and accommodate expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, settling, or seismic activity. Foam Expansion is commonly used in driveways, sidewalks, pools and other concrete applications.

Foam Expansion Joint

Sku: 100285    (1/4” x 3” x 100’) 20 Rolls/Bundle

Sku: 100288    (1/2” x 3” x 50’) 20 Rolls/Bundle

Sku: 100290    (1/4” x 4” x 100’) 15 Rolls/Bundle

Sku: 100293    (1/2” x 4” x 50’) 15 Rolls/Bundle

Moisture Barrier

Polyethylene Sheets are used between base materials  and concrete slabs. Defending Structures Against Dampness. This protective layer, made of polyethylene, shields slabs from moisture, preventing damage from water infiltration. It also safeguards against mold, rot, and structural deterioration. 

Sku: 020493    (20’ x 100’ 6 mil.) Clear

Sku: 020503    (20’ x 100’ 6 mil.) Black

Sku: 020533    (20’ x 100’ 10 mil.) Clear

Sku: 020539    (20’ x 100’ 10 mil.) Black

Form Board Oil

Form Oil: Crucial Release Agent in Construction. This specialized lubricant is applied to formwork prior to pouring concrete, ensuring easy and clean removal. It prevents adhesion and damage, extending the lifespan of forms. Form oil is a crucial component in construction, enhancing efficiency and maintaining the quality of concrete structures.

Sku: 100518    (Form Oil – 5 Gal.) 36 Pails/Pallet

Concrete Form Tubes

These cylindrical tubes are used for forming columns, piers, and other vertical elements in various structures. They are produced by continuously rolling layers of paper to make a contractor grade tube that will not bulge or give way when the column is being poured.

These 12′ tall form tubes ensure stability and precision in concrete placement.  They are easy to cut on the jobsite and have a protective wax coating on the inside.  After the concrete pour is cured the tube can be easily removed.

Construction Tubes

Sku: 100563    (6″ x 12′ )

Sku: 100566    (8” x 12′ )

Sku: 100569    (10” x 12′ )

Sku: 100572    (12” x 12′ )

Sku: 100575    (14” x 12′ )

Sku: 100578    (16” x 12′ )

Sku: 100581    (18” x 12′ )

Sku: 100590    (24” x 12′ )

Sku: 100593    (30” x 12′ )

Sku: 100596    (36” x 12′ )

Steel Stakes

Steel Stakes

Premium round and flat steel stakes are traditionally used in concrete forming due to their durability and longevity. These stakes can be reused an endless number of times.

These contractor grade stakes come packaged 10 pieces per bundle and are made in round and flat shapes. Available in multiple lengths, so there is sure to be the right stake for your application.

These steel stakes come with preformed holes to allow speed when forming on the job. Round stakes have a pointed tip and the flat stakes have a concave end for maximum ground penetration.

Round Steel Stakes 10 pc per bundle

Sku: 140345     (12” Round Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140351     (18” Round Steel Stakes)

Sku: 140357     (24” Round Steel Stakes)

Sku: 140363     (30” Round Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140369     (36” Round Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140381     (48” Round Steel Stakes)


Flat Steel Stakes 10 pc per bundle

Sku: 140303     (12” Flat Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140309     (18” Flat Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140315     (24” Flat Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140321     (30” Flat Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140327     (36” Flat Steel Stakes) 

Sku: 140339     (48” Flat Steel Stakes) 

Wood Stakes

Wood stakes are driven into the ground to mark specific points or lines on the construction site. They serve as reference points for the accurate placement of rebar. In concrete construction. Wood stakes are also used to attach to the formwork to provide stability and keep it in the correct position during the pouring process. 

50 Pcs./Bndl.

Sku: 140203   (1” x 2” x 12”) 100 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140209    (1” x 2” x 18”) 75 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140215    (1” x 2” x 24”) 50 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140227    (1” x 2” x 36”) 30 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140233    (1” x 3” x 12”) 75 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140239    (1” x 3” x 18”) 50 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140245    (1” x 3” x 24”) 42 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140257    (1” x 3” x 36”) 24 Bndl./Pallet

Sku: 140269    (1” x 3” x 48”) 20 Bndl./Pallet

48" Marker Lath

A marker lathe is a long, slender, usually rectangular or square-shaped stake made of wood. It’s designed to be easily driven into the ground to mark specific points or lines on a construction site, or in surveying and landscaping tasks. In construction, they are used to outline areas, define boundaries, or indicate where specific elements of a project will be placed. Often, these marker lathes are painted in bright colors (typically orange or fluorescent) to increase visibility on the site.

1 1/2” Wide x 1/4” thick – 50 Pcs./Bndl.

Sku: 140293    (48” Marker Lath)

Rebar Placing And Concrete Form Accessories

Upside Down Spray Paint

With a user-friendly design and ergonomic nozzle, even spray has never been easier. Engineered for optimal upside-down placement, they ensure every surface gets the attention it deserves. Boost your productivity and elevate your results with these high-quality cans. Great for spraying construction sites or street marking for utilities.

Upside Down Spray Paint

Sku: 671282    (17 Oz. Neon Green) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671284    (17 Oz. Neon Pink) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671286    (17 Oz. Neon Orange) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671288    (17 Oz. APWA Blue) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671290    (17 Oz. APWA Green) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671292    (17 Oz. APWA Yellow) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671294    (17 Oz. APWA White) 12 Cans/Case

Sku: 671296    (17 Oz. Clear) 12 Cans/Case

Seymour Green Rebar Epoxy coating protects against corrosion and extends the service life of rebar. Comes in an easy to use spray can.

12 OZ Spray Can

Sku: 671306  (12 Cans per Case.)

Weelbarrows & Tires

With sturdy construction and large capacity, they make hauling materials a breeze. The pneumatic tires provide stability and maneuverability, even on uneven surfaces. Whether you’re moving dirt, concrete, or tools, Wildcat Wheelbarrows are up to the task. Trust in their durability and efficiency to keep your projects running smoothly.

Our high-quality replacement tires are engineered for rugged performance. We offer FLAT FREE and PNUEMATIC.

Steel Handle 6cu ft. Capacity

Yellow Contractor Wheelbarrow

Sku: 670154    No Flat Tire

Black Contractor Wheelbarrow

Sku: 670150   Pneumatic Tire

Flat-Free Replacement Tire

Sku: 670180    Yellow Flat Free Tire

Sku: 670184    Black Pneumatic Tire

Screed Hooks

A flat, round, and Wire screed hook is a specific type of tool used in concrete finishing and leveling. It is made of metal,  and is designed to assist in the manipulation and control of a screed during the concrete finishing process.

Flat Screed Hooks

Sku: 140387    50 Pcs./Case

Round Screed Hooks


Sku: 140393    100 Pcs./Case

Double Hook

Sku:140390   50 Pcs./Case

Wire Screed Hooks

Sku: 140396    100 Pcs./Case


Twine is a type of strong, thin cord or string made of natural or synthetic fibers. It serves various purposes in construction projects: Marking and Layout, Alignment and Leveling, Temporary Support, Securing Tarps and Covers and Much more. Our Twine is a 180 pound test line. 

Sku: 671200    (White Twine – 250’) 24/Case

Sku: 671206    (Yellow Twine – 250’) 24/Case

Sku: 671208    (Yellow Twine – 500’) 24/Case

Sku: 671210    (Yellow Twine – 1000’) 12/Case

Sku: 671212    (Pink Twine – 250’) 24/Case

Sku: 671214    (Pink Twine – 500’) 24/Case

Sku: 671216    (Pink Twine – 1000’) 12/Case

Sku: 671218    (Lime Twine – 250’) 24/Case

Sku: 671220    (Lime Twine – 500’) 24/Case

Sku: 671222    (Lime Twine – 1000’) 12/Case

Sku: 671224    (Orange Twine – 250’) 24/Case

Sku: 671226    (Orange Twine – 500’) 24/Case

Sku: 671228    (Orange Twine – 1000’) 12/Case

Rebar Caps

OSHA approved cap  (saddle cap) – This cap has a metal plate inside of it. they’re four inches long by four inches wide. A saddle cap is most often used with a row of vertical rebar.

Mushroom cap- They’re small and don’t have any metal inside. Mushroom caps are best used on horizontal rebar to keep workers from accidentally brushing against sharp ends.

Mushroom Style Rebar Cap

Sku: 621132     (Rebar Cap) 100 Pcs./Bag

Osh Approved Rebar Caps

Sku: 621140    (Rebar cap) 25 Pcs./Case

Rebar Bender (Hickey Bar)

Rebar Bender Red

This compact portable bender is an ideal way to fabricate and make final adjustment bends to rebar or any other reinforcing metal directly at the jobsite.

It features a 3-prong design with a long handle that allows the operator the maximum leverage to bend and shape reinforcing steel. Simply place the rebar between the prongs and move forward or backward depending on the desired shape.

The ergonomic handle and the simple compact shape make this an excellent choice when working in a footing or other compact space. Since it is lightweight and easy to carry, this tool is convenient and handy for all your projects.

Portable Rebar Bender

Sku: 621116      (Full Size Rebar Bender)

Sku: 621120      (Mini Rebar Bender)

Channellock Pliers

Set of pliers

Ironworker Pliers: Indispensable Tool for Metalwork. These specialized pliers are engineered for versatility in handling various tasks within ironworking and metal fabrication. With reinforced joints and durable cutting edges, they provide reliable performance in cutting, twisting, and gripping tasks. A go-to tool for professionals in construction and metal industries.

Iron Workers Pliers

Sku: 672718      ( Excel )

Sku: 672722      ( Channellock )

Rebar Cutter/Bender. This versatile tool swiftly and accurately cuts reinforcing bars. Its robust design ensures ease of use and safety on-site. Its a durable asset for builders and contractors, It cuts and bends up to 5/8″ (#5) rebar.

Open Face Rebar Cutter/Bender

Sku: 621112    (Cutter/Bender)

Excel Replacement Cuttter Jaws

Sku: 621114    (Excel Cutter Jaws Set)

Tie Wire Reel

Metal Wire Reel

The tie wire reel feeds pre-coiled wire smoothly, easily, and quickly to save time and reduce wasted wire. The easily-removed cover plate permits quick, convenient reloading to handle all types of wire. The reel features a large, comfortable rewind knob designed for left- or right-hand use.

Tie Wire Reel

Sku: 621166    (Cast Aluminum Reel) 12 Reels/Case

Loop Tie Tools

Hassle free design reduces wasted time and speeds up the application of bar ties or re-mesh to hold them in place. Smooth rotating hook relieves strain on your hands and wrist with a full range of motion. Built with a plastic handle provides all day comfort. 

Auto Bar Tie Tool (Yankee Ratchet)

Sku: 621156    (Bar Tie Tool) 12 Pcs. /Case

Manual Bar Tie Tool

Sku: 621150    (Bar Tie Tool) 12 Pcs./Case

Hose Spray Nozzles

Brass and Adjustable squeeze handled sprayers

Contractor Grade Pistol and  4″ brass pistol watering hose nozzles combines durability and precision.

Water Hose Accessories 

Sku: 674220   (Pistol Grip Water Nozzle)

Sku: 674226   (4” Brass Water Nozzle)

Contractor Hoses

A contractor-grade watering hose is a heavy-duty, professional-quality hose designed for rugged use in demanding environments. Constructed from durable materials like reinforced rubber or vinyl, These hoses are engineered to withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, and high water pressures commonly encountered on construction sites, industrial settings, and large-scale landscaping projects.

Red Contractor Hoses

Sku: 674230    (50’ x 1/2” Hose)

Sku: 674232    (75’ x 1/2” Hose)

Sku: 674234    (100’ x 1/2” Hose)

Sku: 674236    (50’ x 5/8” Hose)

Sku: 674238    (75’ x 5/8” Hose)

Sku: 674240    (100’ x 5/8” Hose)

Sku: 674242    (50’ x 3/4” Hose)

Sku: 674246    (100’ x 3/4” Hose)

Swivel End Hose

A male swivel hose connector is a versatile and essential component for your watering system. Designed with a threaded end that allows it to be easily attached to hoses, sprinklers, or other watering accessories, the swivel feature provides extra flexibility in hose positioning. This allows for smoother maneuvering and reduces strain on the hose, especially when making tight turns or navigating around obstacles.

Blue Male Swivel Hoses

Sku: 674258    (50’ x 5/8” Blue Hose)

Sku: 674260    (100’ x 5/8” Blue Hose)

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Illustration of types of welded wire mesh

Here is what the numbers mean: 6×6 #10 is a designated mesh size. “The 6×6” is the horizontal and vertical spacing in inches. The “#10 #10” is the gauge of wire. Wire size is sometimes given in hundredths of a square inch. What is called 6×6 #10 #10 is also known as 6×6 w1.4 w1.4. The “W” stands for wire. In our catalog we refer to #10 gauge mesh as light and #6 gauge mesh as heavy for easy reference.

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