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Our 2-4 mm glass bead are premium specialty aggregates. This versatile colored glass products are available in iridescent smooth round shaped beads and can be used in swimming pool finishes, to create an enhanced shimmer. Our glass bead allow for a reflective brilliance. 

Beads Are 2-4mm in Size

Sku: 122300    (Black) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 122302    (Dark Blue) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 122304    (Iridescent Blue Blend) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 122306    (Light Blue) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 122308    (Aqua Blue) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 122314    (Clear) 56 Bags/Pallet  

WSW colored quartz ad unique beauty, and durability swimming pool plaster. We coat nearly 100% quartz sand with a spectrum of colors to generate a vivid product that won’t bleed or fade with our UV, chemical, and acid resistance.

Estes Colored Quartz

Available in T grade = 1.2mm or S grade = .6mm

Sku: 120820    (Blue S Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 120822    (Blue T Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 120826    (Black T Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 120828    (White S Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 120832    (Teal S Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 120834    (Teal T Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

Sku: 120836    (Blue+Teal+Red T Grade) 56 Bags/Pallet

This blend of selected pebbles and other aggregate creates a durable finish, adding just a touch of traction for active pool goers. These pebbles can create a lagoon-like environment that complements natural surroundings.

Gold, Black, and White Pebbles

Sku: 120380    Gold (8/16 50 lb.) 56/Pallet

Sku: 120382    Gold (6/10 50 lb.) 56/Pallet

Sku: 120374    White (8/16 50 lb.) 56/Pallet

Sku: 120685    Black (8/16 50 lb..) 60/Pallet

Sku: 120687    Black (6/10 50 lb.) 60/Pallet


Lehigh White Portland Cement is of choice for a range of Swimming Pools. Its expedited setting time outperforms standard gray cement. Meeting the stringent standards of ASTM C-150, this cement promises quality and reliable performance.  Lehigh White Cement is one of the whitest cements on the market today.

Lehigh White Cement

Sku: 090397    (92.6lb Bag) 40 Bags/Pallet

Pool Cement

Pozzo Cement is a white cement replacement.  This blend improves trowel maneuverability during application. Its higher density surpasses that of standard cement, resulting in a more durable finish. This unique mixture also exhibits reduced cracking tendencies, ensuring a smoother plastering process for pools. It serves as a cost-effective substitute for pricier white cement options. The optimal ratio of 2 parts sand to 1 part cement yields an effective pool plaster.

Pozzo White Blended Pool Cement

Sku: 090802    (90 Lbs. Bag) 35 Bags/Pallet

Pool Sand

Crafted exclusively for the swimming pool plaster trade, this premium white limestone sand sets a new standard in quality. When blended with white cement, it forms a top-tier pool plaster that delivers exceptional results. The ratio of 2 parts sand to 1 part cement yields a balanced mixture.

SMI Marblemix Pool Sand

Sku: 120371    (100 Lbs. Bag) 35 Bags/Pallet

HOMEX ® 300
Homex 300 Strip

The only “green” expansion joint , made from recycled, environmentally friendly Homasote®. 

• No Bleeding or Leaching into Concrete.

• Compatible With Sealants

•Flexible in all Temperatures

• Rigid Enough to Screed Off

• Blends with Colored Concrete

• Perfect for pool installations and tile setting

HomeX expansion Joint 10 Pc/Bndl  840/pallet Qty

Sku: 100391

Masterseal 581
Bag of MasterSeal 581

MasterSeal 581 is a Portland cement-based coating for concrete and masonry that resists both air infiltration and positive as well as and negative hydrostatic pressure. Polymer-modified with MasterEmaco A 660, MasterSeal 581 creates a low maintenance and highly durable waterproof barrier. Can be brushed or sprayed on. NSF approved – suitable for use in drinking water.

MasterSeal 581

Sku: 160257    (50 Lbs. – White) 48/Pallet

Sku: 160263    (50 Lbs. – Gray) 48/Pallet


Hi 94 is a white high purity prilled calcium chloride. It contains over 20% more calcium chloride than flaked products providing higher heat dissolving capability, increasing the set acceleration in ready mix applications.

Calcium Chloride Prills

Sku: 100485    (50 Lbs.Bag) 50 Bags/Pallet

Liquid Calcium Chloride

Tailored for swimming pool applications, this versatile solution mirrors the functions of prilled calcium chloride. It excels in dust control, and serves as an effective concrete additive. It expedites cement set time, streamlining pool construction. Due to its corrosive nature, calcium chloride should be avoided in projects involving reinforced concrete.

Calcium Chloride (Liquid)

Sku: 100481    (1 Gal.) 4 Bottles/Case

Foam Expansion Joint

A foam expansion joint, also known as a foam joint filler, is a compressible material used in construction to create a gap or separation between concrete slabs, walls, or other structural elements. Made of foam materials. It serves as a cushion to absorb movement and accommodate expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, settling, or seismic activity. Foam Expansion is commonly used in driveways, sidewalks, pools and other concrete applications.

Foam Expansion Joint

Sku: 100285    (1/4” x 3” x 100’) 16 Rolls/Bndl.

Sku: 100288    (1/2” x 3” x 50’) 16 Rolls/Bndl.

Sku: 100290    (1/4” x 4” x 100’) 12 Rolls/Bndl.

Sku: 100293    (1/2” x 4” x 50’) 12 Rolls/Bndl.

A pool overflow is a built-in feature in swimming pools designed to prevent water from reaching excessive levels. When the water level rises too high, excess water flows out through this outlet, preventing potential damage or flooding. This ensures that the pool maintains a safe and optimal water level. Additionally, it helps maintain proper filtration and circulation by preventing water from overflowing onto the pool deck. Meets ASTM D-3034 standard. This 3 inch pipe fitting can be solvent welded to a Pvc pipe.

Pool Overflow

Sku: 150901    (3″ Pool Overflow) 12 Pcs./Case

Big Yellow Sponge

Premium sponges for grouting and cleaning. Open cell design prevents grout from loading up. It also Rinses easily.


Sku: 650100    (Hydro Sponge)

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Calcium Cloride being mixed in to cement

An additive to mix with concrete mixes. When mixed with cement it improves early strength gain (cement becomes stronger faster). Calcium Chloride accelerates cement set time and promotes earlier form removal. Add 2% calcium chloride by weight of cement to your mixture. Due to its corrosive properties Calcium Chloride should not be used with reinforced concrete. Calcium Chloride also meets ASTM D-98.

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