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bit about us.

For the past 30 years, our journey as a wholesale distributor has been marked by invaluable experience and a deep commitment to excellence. Starting in Ontario, California, we initially served our local community, gradually expanding our reach to become a trusted name nationwide.

Throughout this journey, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed brands like Wildcat Landscaping Products, Rapid Crete, AWP Wire Products, Wonderfill and Camofill. These partnerships have not only strengthened our expertise but also allowed us to offer top-quality products to our customers. Our dedication to providing the best value shows in these contractor grade materials.

Over three decades, we’ve learned, grown, and adapted to the evolving needs of our clients. As we look forward, we’re excited to continue this journey, delivering quality and value to customers across the nation, just as we’ve been privileged to do for so many years.



Triple Z Zeolite

Gopher Wire

Turf Nails

Weed Barrier

Bender Board

Plastic Stakes

Landscape Staples

SDR Pipe and Fittings

Drain Boxes and Cast Iron Grates

Plastic and Brass Grates

Valve and Meter Boxes/Covers

Filter Fabric and Drain Socks

Wildcat Fire Glass

Fire Rings and H Burners

Alliance Gator Products

Step Stones

Hand Troweled Step Stones

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Sunset Pebbles

Concrete Dobies

AWP Welded Wire Mesh

Tie Wire

Reinforcing Steel

Loop Bar Ties and Tools

Rebar Cutter / Benders

Iron Worker Pliers

Felt and Foam Expansion Joint

Steel Form Stakes

Screed Hooks

Seymour Upside Down Paint

Rebar Safety Caps

Form Oil

Straw Wattle and Stakes

Silt Fence

Jute Mesh and Staples

Erosion Control Bags

Filter Fabric


Concrete Glue

Liquid Calcium

Cement Accelerator

Liquid Acrylic

Construction Tubes

Form Oil

Asphalt Glue

Colored Quartz

White Pool Sand

Gold Black and White Pebbles

Jewel Crete Glass Beads

Pool Overflows

Calcium Chloride

Pozzo White Cement


Replacement Tires

Steel Dirt Tampers

Picks and Handles

Landscape Rakes

Chapin Sprayers


Grout Bags

Caution Tape

Foam and Neoprene Floats

Mixing Tubs and Mortar Stand


Truck Tie Down Racks

Poly Sheeting 

GMC Kraft Paper

Aquabar Paper

Utility Paper 

Red Poly Tape

Duct Tape

Welded Utility Wire

Hardware Cloth

Stucco Netting and Corners

Expanded Metal Lath


Stone Wire

Tile Mesh Rolls and Sheets

Redwood Float Strips

Wood and Steel Stakes

Masons Line and Stretchers

Masterseal (formerly Thoro)


Protection Board

Tile Cap 

Lehigh White Cement


Car Stops and Block Pins

Contractor Clean Up bags

Brick Ties

Grout Stop

Empty Buckets and Lids

Nails and Fasteners


Marker Lath 

Bright Spikes


#3 #4 and #5 Cut Rebar

Stretch Wrap

Upside Down Paint

Quality, Service, Value